Thursday, June 4, 2009

Haiku for June

Feeling like being a silly poet today (not promising to be a GOOD one, you'll notice!). The theme is "the month of June", which in this Mid-Atlantic state can be a bit...mercurial. There's a flurry of activity for a few weeks, then the school year (finally) grinds to a halt. The weather is all over the map. It's a kind-of "between" month when busy Spring hasn't quite packed up and gone, and lazy summer hasn't yet completely taken over. So, without further chatter, I present:
June, in 17 syllables.

Maryland in June...
heat, thunderstorms, damp and cool:
What to wear today?

Steamy June is here,
too hot to turn on the stove:
Ice cream for dinner!

School is winding down.
More time to run, play and sweat.
AAH! The pool's too cold!

Homework is over!
Wait, reading and math packets?
School follows us home!

So much free time now,
the empty days stretch out long,
Help, Mom, I'm soooo bored!

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