Monday, June 15, 2009

The Mickey Production

Once upon a time there was a woman who was Footloose and Fancy Free. She was known to call her "partner in crime" (you know who you are), and convince her to flee town at a moment's notice on a Friday night. Fortified with CDs, Diet Coke and Skittles, they would drive 400 miles to a N.C. beach, bringing nothing but a toothbrush and change of clothes in a duffel bag. Sometimes I really miss that Wild Woman.
Like right now, for example, as I sit surrounded by the piles of "stuff" I need to organize and pack for our family vacation to Disneyworld. There's pajamas and underwear (briefs and boxer-briefs) and an mp3 player and a Leapster game and swim gear and snacks and cell phones and chargers and allergy medicine and a nightlight and guidebooks and reservation information and hats...have I forgotten anything...oh yes, CLOTHES! And I haven't even started on MY bag yet! I think it's clear that my simple, carefree,"grab-and-go" days are o-v-e-r. Who knew it took so much work to make the Magic happen?
Hopefully I haven't left out anything crucial (I did already mention underwear, right?), because tomorrow it's look out Uncle Walt, here we come!

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