Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer ABCs

The kids are almost done with school, so here's one last "assignment" before all of our brains shut down...

A is for air-conditioning: making it possible to go from sweaty to goose-pimply in 2 seconds flat.
B is for biking and the refreshing breeze you create while pedaling around the neighborhood.
C is for Coppertone (and you immediately got an imaginary whiff of it in the air, didn't you?)
D is for dirt, head-to-toes on my children every evening after their hours outside.
E is for enjoying every minute of free time!
F is for fireflies that twinkle in our backyard as the weather heats up.
G is for grooving to tunes in the car with the windows down (even if only on the way to to CVS).
H is for Harry Potter: re-reading the books every summer. (Bonus: 43 days until H-BP!)
I is for iced coffee: it's like having dessert for breakfast; can't go wrong with that!
J is for June and July (duh!)
K is for kicking back with a frosty beverage watching the sun set and the stars come out.
L is for looonngg days when the sun doesn't completely disappear until 9 p.m.
M is for movies: a great way to escape the heat for a few hours.
N is for ninety-degrees, which unfortunately melts us around here in August.
O is for Orioles--the Boys of Summer and games at the Yards.
P is for picnic--doesn't food just taste better on the patio?
Q is for "quit picking on your brother!" (a lesser-known summer sport).
R is for reruns--and relaxing while you catch any episodes you missed during the season!
S is for splash! pool, sprinkler, squirt-gun battle: summer's all about the water!
T is for trashy novels: nothing deep--just steamy, or silly, or whatever means FUN to you!
U is for unlimited strawberries! (whipped cream optional, but encouraged)
V is for vacation, of course! (even if it's just lounging in a chaise and dreaming about the beach!)
W is for watermelon: drippy, sticky, sweet, delightful!
X is for eXtra time to play, with no school to suck up the daytime hours!
Y is for Yahoo! No homework! Staying up late! Popsicles every night!
Z is for zoning out in a hammock in the shade, sipping iced tea, listening to the bees.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go outside and play!

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