Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boys' Day Out!

This week is the kids' Spring Break (like they need one, after a week off for the Snowpocalypse of February, but whatever...) so they're spending a few quality days with Dad while I work. Today was the first really, really nice Spring-weather day, so they decided to go hiking. For them, this represents Male Bonding at its utmost: there's dirt, and rocks, and sweating...and snacks! And they take it pretty seriously--you should see them in their special hiking socks (wool, wicking, non-chafing) and sturdy trail boots, carrying energy bars and water bottles filled with Gatorade. They look like all they need is an experienced guide, and they could tackle Mount Kilamanjaro.

I happened to arrive home at the same time they did, and I watched them straggle into the house...a small bunch of grimy, hot, and hungry explorers. The first thing they rushed to do was proudly show me their various scrapes and bruises from the trek (I'm sorry, I meant Badges of Honor). Apparently, the boulders did not take this invasion lightly, and fought back. (From the sheer number of minor wounds displayed, I'm really not sure who won.) Then Royce told me the funniest comment of their adventure. At some point during the climb, Riley was complaining of being tired. What he actually said was: "My fatigue level is getting high; I need to be subbed out." Strange phrasing for a 6-year old, until you realize he took this directly from Derek's Backyard Basketball DS-game, where your virtual player starts messing up shots and playing poorly if they get too worn out. Yes, even in the Great Outdoors, enjoying the bounty of nature, FAR away from electronics of any boys can effortlessly work Nintendo-speak into conversation. Sure makes a mother proud...

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