Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sometimes, It's the Little Things...

Ever have "one of those days"...when everything seems to go RIGHT?  Today was one of those rare and beautiful occasions for me (with the slight exception of the incessant sneezing, but let's overlook that for storytelling purposes).

It started with a trip to the dentist.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Don't misunderstand me:  this is NOT something I look forward to, or particularly enjoy (ranks right up there with scrubbing shower scum on my list of faves).  However, today's visit was quick, and painless (for someone with "sensitive teeth", this is huge), and ended with the magic words "Everything looks good, see you in six months!"

With my teeth all cleaned and polished, I made my way to the Consignment Shop to "trade in" a few things from around the house (one person's junk is another's treasure...or some such nonsense, I'm told). When the lovely Miss Audrey checked my account, I had $41 coming to me! A wealth of riches, I tell you! I happily pocketed my earnings and drove to the next spot on my Errand List, Kohl's. (Yes, I do see the irony--but I needed capri pants for work, so it was at least semi-justified!) Not only did I find pants that fit me...perfectly...after looking for only 10 minutes or so...without trying on every blessed pair in the stinkin' store...but (here comes the kicker) the total came to: $42. You know what that means in Johna Math?  (almost) FREE PANTS, baby!

It can't get any better, right? But wait! At bedtime, I asked Riley if I could hug and kiss him. "You can always hug and kiss me," he replied. After a moment's pause, he amended, "Until I have a wife!" I gravely agreed that this was perfectly reasonable, but I could practically see the little wheels still turning in his head as he formulated another question...and finally he came out with: "Will you always be my Mommy?" "Absolutely forever, and I'll always love you, too!" I assured him. Being Riley, he of course had to test this--"Even when I'm sad? happy? mean? angry?" (yes, yes, yes, yes) Finally he smiled peacefully up at me and sighed sleepily, "You're the BEST Mommy!"

YES!  I just love it when I'm the Best Mommy! (Believe me, those moments are few and far between!) What a perfect ending to my awesome day. So, to sum up: Tooth Triumph, Consignment Cash, Shopping Success, Parental Praise. On that note, I'd better go to bed before I run out of luck!

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