Monday, April 5, 2010

He calls 'em like he sees 'em!

My older son Derek has always been a Sporto-Boy. If it involves a ball--any kind--and running around, count him in. When he's on his own--taking solitary hitting practice, practicing foul shots, running football patterns--he also has a tendency to provide his own endless Play-by-Play patter. At first it used to confuse me, when I thought he was by himself and I'd hear his voice outside. When I would sneakily listen in, I'd hear things like "here's the pitch from Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon to start off the 9th inning; it's a good curve ball, but Derek Westman crushes it to the outfield for a double, scoring Brian Roberts from second.  The O's take the lead!"  He always uses authentic player names, teams, positions, and jersey numbers...for EVERY sport. Oh, and he includes their stats from either the current or the previous season. It's downright scary, I tell you.

Lately, however, he has expanded into Color Commentary as well. Color Commentators are the ones who provide the interesting facts during games, such as "Did you know Nick Markakis played for the Greek Olympic baseball team in 2004 before becoming an Oriole?" They also get to make witty banter during the broadcast, which is what Derek has apparently been working on recently.  For example, during the Butler/Michigan State NCAA basketball game on Saturday, after a shot clanked off the rim, Derek crowed, "Wow, you could build a house with that brick!" The next day, during a hotly-contested driveway basketball game, he exclaimed, "Is it Easter, or St. Patrick's Day...'cause we're gettin' LUCKY!" (Unlike TV or radio personalities, he has the added advantage of reducing his opponent to giggles when he throws out those one-liners!)

Now, can someone tell me how to contact U of ESPN? And do they by any chance recruit 10-year olds?

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