Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"I got a Ni-kon camera, I love to take pho-tographs" (sorry, Paul Simon)

This morning we had another one of our out-of-the-blue Breakfast Discussions.  This time it was triggered by both boys mentioning that they had Art class today, which is definitely not their most-loved "special" of the week (that would be "Sprinting Around like Maniacs", I mean PE--duh!). Riley's biggest complaint is apparently that "we always have to make what the teacher wants".  So I started explaining that in High School, you get to choose from among different options to fulfill your Art requirement, like Ceramics or Painting or--my personal favorite: Photography. It brought back a flood of happy memories--me with a coveted Hall Pass, wandering around the school, clicking "Candid Shots" for the Yearbook (mostly of cute boys and my friends, as I recall). I enthusiastically described how I even learned to develop my own film in the darkroom which was SOOOO cool...and that's where I noticed that I'd lost him completely. As I trailed off, he stared at me in silence, a quizzical look on his face, until at last he asked the Big Question:  "Mom, what'"

Now, I own a 35 mm Nikon, which from the time I was 15 and bought my first "real" camera, until I finally broke down and jumped on the Digital Bandwagon about 2 years ago, was the ONLY kind of camera in the house. (I stubbornly held out until I admitted that I was missing far too many shots of small boys who--shockingly--refused to sit still for photos. Also small boys running.  And jumping. And climbing.  You get the picture--ha!) I was suddenly stunned to realize that since I went digital, I have barely used my trusty old  N65. I know the boys have at least laid eyes on it, because I remember that they used to ask "can I see it?"  after I took a shot, and I would have to explain that "it isn't that kind of camera". It became a big Family Joke after a while because they would still ask, even though they knew better.  Now they're spoiled because at the tender ages of 10 and 6-1/2, they each have their own Polaroid digital. They take a great many pictures of feet, belly buttons (it used to be butts, until I found out and banned that obnoxious practice) and whatnot.  Thus they already fully appreciate the joy of the Delete Function.

Anyway, I had to go to the closet and pull out the Nikon to show Riley...and lo and behold, it had a full roll of film in it! Derek's birthday party is this Saturday, and I just may have to shoot it the old fashioned way.  And no, you can't see it until the prints come back.  And sit still for 2 seconds so I can get a good Birthday Boy picture! Sigh...we'll see how it goes...there's always the CoolPix for backup...

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