Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Random...

A few drops from the WestEnders collective Stream of Consciousness this week:

--Derek, Riley and I were hanging out at the "Breakfast Bar" (a.k.a. our kitchen counter), probably discussing something deeply meaningful like "who wants more Fruit Loops?" when out of left field, Riley suddenly interjected, "Mom, what's a midget?" (He's just SO lucky I didn't spit coffee on him! And I never did find out where that came from in his interesting little brain...) When I stopped gasping, and Derek stopped howling, I gave him a brief definition. But Derek--to my great delight--pulled out a historical baseball reference: Eddie Gaedel (3' 7" tall) was a Little Person who showed up in exactly one Major League game*. Dang, that kid reads a lot!
--Derek asked me to remove all the High School Musical and Glee stuff from his iPod, because "I'm over that phase now." Excuse me? You're not allowed to be having "phases", young man! Apparently, he and his friends discuss this at school (10-year old Music Critics? Yikes!) and agree that "Lady GaGa is weird, and the Black Eyed Peas have gotten boring from being played too much!" (Actually, that sounds about right to me...) He did request that I add a Katy Perry song (Edited Version only, thank you very much) and...Beyonce.  Yes!
--Another Derek moment: I wish I could remember what led up to this, but somehow in the midst of a very routine conversation he came out with, "Well, Mom, 4th grade boys have LOTS of names know.  One of them is 'hairy pickle'!" Oh. Good. Grief. I instantly held up a hand and announced that I did not need to know any more of these charming euphemisms. Although I guess I'm glad he feels comfortable telling me this stuff.

Tomorrow at breakfast--at least until I finish my coffee--I'm going to try to get them to talk about the weather; that should be safe enough, right?!

*(Derek didn't remember all the specifics, but here they are for those who care: in a very short career, Mr. Gaedel batted one time in game in 1951 as a publicity stunt arranged by the infamous St. Louis Browns owner, Bill Veeck.)

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