Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Infinity (January 20th) and Beyond!

The atmosphere yesterday at the college where I work was absolutely charged. Everyone was still buzzing in high gear from the Presidential election the night before. I observed clumps of people--students and teachers alike--with bleary eyes, clutching coffee as they animatedly discussed the results and their hopes for President-Elect Obama. It was thoroughly exhilarating. My 8-year old son was just old enough to pick up on the hoopla, and to be curious about it. I'm pretty apolitical most of the time, but I had a blast teaching him about electoral votes, red and blue states, and the stunning historical significance of this campaign. I like to think that on some level he gets it--that he's witnessing the first African-American man chosen to lead our country. I'm proud to be able to share an event in which citizens of the United States acted with energy and excitement. Now it's up to our new leader to channel that enthusiasm into making positive changes for the future.

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Anonymous said...

That's ok. When grandma told the six yo that she voted for McCain, he exasperated: "Don't you want to end the war?!" What the hell goes on in that school?