Friday, November 28, 2008

Not your traditional Thanksgiving...

My mother is a force of nature. Ninety pounds (soaking wet, after a big meal), and a two-time cancer survivor, she still manages to plan and execute all family get-togethers with almost military precision. It is amazing to watch her simultaneously juggle food preparation, chase grandchildren out from underfoot, and catch up with her grown children on all the news. So as I showered and dressed yesterday, I was looking forward to another chaotic, noisy, but satisfying Thanksgiving dinner at mom's. However, a phone call from Dad informed me that it just wasn't going to happen this year. Oh, my mother had already cooked the turkey, stuffing, and other delicious dishes we were anticipating. But then my brother had called him to explain that most of his own household was busy throwing up, and therefore couldn't be doing any feasting at the moment. Dad further reported that this unfortunate and unexpected interruption to the festivities had given my mother the opportunity to go and lie down, as she had a nasty infection herself and was on very strong antibiotics. (Of course, she had been prepared to soldier on, until the vomiting came along.) With no dinner arrangements and precious little food in the house, we scrambled to arrange our own makeshift Thanksgiving meal. In the end, we sat around the table with our plates of fish sticks and macaroni and cheese, grateful to be healthy, and together...and hopeful that the stomach bug doesn't make it to our house!

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