Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hopefully this is the end of it!

Remember the "donkey" story (posted 11/18)? Well, I was sitting in the kitchen with my sons a few days later, explaining how 'Boy A was as tall as Boy B...' The 5-year old started to snicker quietly into his hand, a delighted gleam in his eye. I could practically hear the little wheels grinding, as his mischievous mind cooked up something wicked to say. Sighing inwardly, and hoping to head off what was sure to be an inappropriate interjection on his part, I began to explain the finer points of the grammatical structure, the pronunciation, the usage for comparison, blah blah blah. In the middle of this, my husband meandered through the kitchen, grasped the situation instantly, and with all the logical problem-solving ability available to men, succinctly stated, "She didn't say ass, okay?" He then continued out the door, leaving the children cackling madly on the floor, since they had fallen off their chairs at Daddy's words of enlightenment. Thanks, honey! You'll be fielding the phone call from either a 3rd grade or Kindergarten teacher to explain and/or apologize!

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Anonymous said...

well, I tried ot reply but failed. excellent blog name. my last entry on mine was 6-1-06 - oh well. now you've increased your readership by 33percent - google ad revs soon!