Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kung Fu Panda vs. the WWF

My 8-year old is Mister Sport Guy. Give him a ball and some space to run, kick, throw, shoot, or catch, and he's ecstatic. My younger son, while he enjoys frolicking in the grass as much as the next boy, just isn't into the organized sports thing. However, he's always been dragged to all of his brother's games/practices/lessons, so I wanted to find him an activity of his own. Some friends recommended karate, and it seemed perfect--something that builds self-confidence and discipline, and gives you exercise. But most importantly, since his older brother doesn't do it, there would be no competition, and no comparison. So now we have karate-boy, proudly donning his adorable little white uniform and earnestly practicing his strikes and kicks. Then baseball ended, and Big Brother was at loose ends. It's a long winter ahead until soccer season...but wait...Mom has a brainstorm. Let's try wrestling! (Those who have actually seen my child can now stop howling with laughter--yes, he's skinny, but surprisingly tough!) Have I given my sons extra incentive (not to mention skills) to beat the heck out of each other? Maybe. But they do that anyway. At least now as they teach each other how to break holds and to block punches, I can rationalize that it's heartwarming brotherly bonding time. Can I get an enthusiastic "ai-yah"?

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