Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Kid's Game Revisited

Did you ever play "Fortunately/Unfortunately"? It's a story-starting game where the first person says a sentence beginning with "fortunately...(adding something good that happened)"; the next person turns it into something unfortunate, and so forth. Now I'm going to play it by myself--what fun!
Unfortunately, it's officially too cold to ride my bike until Spring.
Fortunately, I get to read trashy celebrity mags at the gym while I slog on the stationary bike.
Unfortunately, it's getting dark really stinking early these days.
Fortunately, that means it's only about 5 weeks until the Winter Solstice, when we turn the corner and start getting daylight back...little by little.
Unfortunately, it's time to layer on the clothes to keep warm.
Fortunately, bathing suit season is over for another year!
Unfortunately, this is the first Thanksgiving I don't eat turkey.
Fortunately, who cares! Stuffing! Mashed potatoes! Cranberry Sauce! And pie, pie, pie!
Whew, I'll leave it on the very up note (and go have lunch)!

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