Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Excuse Me? (Part 2)

I've come to anticipate certain behaviors with 2 young boys in the house. Among these are random tackling, periodic whacking of each other for no apparent reason, and an inordinate amount of yelling. So it's a joyous occasion when they actually cooperate and play nicely together for any length of time. I thought I was experiencing one of these moments when they sat in the computer room the other night, taking turns on a Thomas the Tank Engine game. I grabbed the rare quiet time to make a phone call to a friend. But all of a sudden, the 5-year old came prancing through the kitchen, belting out a tune of his own creation. The words went something like this: "ASS, ASS, ASS, an ass is a don--keyyyy!!!" Merrily he continued twirling past me, as I forgot my phone conversation and gawked at his disappearing back. "Well," I thought to myself, "he's absolutely correct, but I suspect his big brother's about to be in trouble." After wrapping up my call, I went downstairs to find the little hooligans innocently plugging away at their game, all smiles and brotherly camaraderie. Without adding unnecessary detail, I explained that yes, in the Bible they often called donkeys asses, but we really don't do that anymore. The 5-year old accepted this without question; fortunately the 8-year old had the sense not to share any other 3rd-grade playground uses of the word. Parental sigh of relief. End of subject. At least for now.

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