Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boy Story

When my husband and I contemplated starting a family, back in the days when we had leisurely dinners together, with a nice glass of wine, and discussed whatever was on our minds for hours on end...where was I? Oh yes, we both strongly believed that we would be more comfortable raising girls. My husband is an only child, and has always been very close to his mother (in a healthy, non-creepy way). And, of course, I have always been a girl myself, so I can claim just a little bit of background in this area. Well, imagine our astonishment when the sonogram technician pointed out tiny little boy parts on the screen at that first visit! But after the initial shock, we quickly adjusted to the idea of having a son. By the time the second one turned out to be male also, I found myself actually preferring to have "two of a kind". The boys share many of the same interests: riding scooters, throwing balls, playing with dirt in every imaginable way. In some ways they are very similar, so I'm always amused and slightly surprised when they demonstrate their personality differences. For example, they recently got into trouble together for puncturing an air mattress that we had bought for sleepovers. Until they saved up enough of their allowance to replace it, they were banned from having their usual Saturday night "brother sleepover" in one another's rooms. The 8-year old was upset, but accepted the punishment stoically, in his typical rule-following, obedient fashion. The 5-year old imp, however, whispered to his brother that he would sneak into his room after Mom and Dad had been upstairs to check, and they could still have their sleepover! Creative? You bet! Trouble? I shudder to think what his active mind will cook up when he's older (like next week). Oh, and how do I know all about the "secret plan"? My older son promptly told me, naturally. Bless his little law-abiding heart! Maybe I'll only have to lock one of them in his room when they're teenagers...

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