Thursday, February 12, 2009

Deep Philosophical Questions (yeah, right!)

Sometimes, when I'm surrounded by the male creatures who live in my house, their behavior causes me to ponder some very complex and difficult issues, such as:
Which direction does the Earth rotate? (Thanks, D, I'll have to look that one up.)
Why do I have to wear a jacket when I don't feel cold? (Because of the HUGE, nasty germs that can get into your body if your coat isn't protecting you, that's why! I just thought of that, and it's so much better than the usual "because I said so." I'm using it tomorrow, as a matter of fact.)
Why might Barry Bonds go to jail, when Alex Rodriguez probably won't? (Drugs are bad, okay...and apparently being a big fat liar is even worse!)
Can I take a picture of my butt? No? How about my brother's butt? (Of course not, and give me that camera right now!)
Will you let us have brownies for breakfast? (Nope, it'll stunt your growth. Morning brownies are only healthy for Mommy.)
I have a headache; do I have to go to school tomorrow? (A little kiddie-Motrin and a good night's sleep and you'll be all better! Trust me, honey, mothers know these things.)
And on that note, goodnight all, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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