Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rock on!

My eight-year old son has been taking guitar lessons for just over a year now. He started out with a simple First Act student guitar, but soon asked for an electric. In pleading his case, he reasonably pointed out that "It's hard to be in a band and play acoustic guitar." Mom and Dad sighed, but went ahead and bought him his first electric guitar...and amp. Hands poised over our ears, We braced ourselves for the inevitable house-shaking, eardrum-vibrating cacophony that was to come. However, we had all forgotten that Derek just doesn't like loud noises all that much! He keeps the amp turned to about 2, the dishes don't shake, and we canceled the earplug order. That is, until yesterday. Derek came home from his lesson much bouncier than usual, and announced in a rush that "Justin taught me power chords, and he also played me Back in Black by AC/DC!" Uh oh...I mean, that's great, honey, very exciting stuff! He continued, without pausing for breath, "So Mommy, can you download some AC/DC songs, like TNT, and Thunderstruck for my iPod?" I was just absorbing this heavy-metal request, and opening my mouth to answer him, when he finished, "oh, and you can take off my Bible School songs, I don't need them anymore!" Ding ding ding...that sound you hear is your "baby" growing up too fast! Goodbye, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and welcome to the Highway to Hell!

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