Friday, February 20, 2009

Julliard Elementary School, 2nd period

My 8-year old son has been playing around with music since he was a toddler. He started strumming a miniature guitar as soon as he could hold it. Every time we went to a restaurant, he would immediately locate two straws, and start drumming on the tables. Lately he's moved on to writing lyrics, in a special notebook he's reserved just for this purpose.
A sample copied directly from his pages:
"It's hard to be, it's hard to be, it's hard to be a hero.
Living the life of magic, it can be so very tragic.
It's hard to be a hero, swingin' around the city,
Fighting crimes around the block, you can never be too careful.
There's a bad guy under every single rock.
It's hard to be a hero, hero, hero."
Every so often, he reiterates how much he's just itching to be in a band. My first thought was: "Dude, you're eight!" What actually came out was, "Um, you need some friends who play instruments." He earnestly added that he wants to write the songs and play the music, but NOT sing. Wednesday night after his guitar lesson he was just brimming with musical enthusiasm, and got all hyped up to "write a song." So he sat down at the keyboard and started picking out notes. Guess who got to transcribe this masterpiece? I wonder if the Jonas Brothers started out this way?

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