Thursday, April 23, 2009


I vaguely remember attending Sunday School as a child, and later serving as an acolyte (and may I say that God was surely watching over me, since as nervous as I always felt in front of the entire congregation, I miraculously never set the church on fire with the altar candles.) Somewhere along the rocky path of adolescence, I stopped going to services. So it was important to me to get my own children in the Sunday morning habit. Honestly, their Christian education experience sounds a whole lot more exciting and fun than what I recall...they rock out with praise songs, act out Bible stories using puppets, and practice having little chats with God. So cool. If I needed any proof that they're absorbing what they hear, I got an earful the other night after dinner. My 5-year old suddenly exclaimed, "Mommy, we've been forgetting to pray at mealtime and at bedtime!" Oops, yes we have. "I'm going to do it right now!...Thank you God for my toys and my family (a slight pause and then the big finish) and thank you for the cheesy rice!" At least we were mentioned ahead of the evening's side dish...and thank you God for my cheesy son!

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