Thursday, April 2, 2009

Turkey burgers: $5.00...baked beans: $2.00...son's reaction to dinner: Priceless

There are times in every mother's life when she feels less like the Respected Matriarch of the family--who is overwhelmingly cherished and respected by her spouse and offspring--and more like...the Hired Help. These moments are inevitable, since husbands and children are by nature savage, untamed beasts who require constant vigilance to keep them clean, clothed, fed, and reasonably on-schedule. (I'm kidding...mostly.) Lately my most reviled task has been preparing meals for the perpetually ravenous horde. (Love to eat, hate to cook: ironic, but there you have it.) Facing yet another night of staring into the refrigerator, waiting for the Dinner Fairy to rescue me, I decided to just give up the fight. Out came frozen turkey burgers and a can of baked beans. My 5-year old son's stomach warned him about the approach of dinnertime, and he wandered into the kitchen. Spying the makings of his meal, he suddenly beamed up at me, threw his arms around my waist, and jumped up and down, chanting, "Best Mommy! Best Mommy!" Oh, now I remember, THAT's why I'm here, and haven't fled to a tropical island somewhere! While we're on a roll, after dinner, we'll work on picking up our dirty socks!

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