Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I learned in college...

For several years, I have worked on the main campus of a Community College. It is a beautifully diverse place, teeming with students of all ages, from countries all over the globe, representing a multitude of cultures. As I travel from the Faculty Lounge to the Student Center to the Humanities Building in the course of my day, I get to drink in Psychology and Statistics lectures, student conversations, and the lively campus atmosphere. This, combined with Springtime, when people congregate outside, chatting, eating, and studying, brings on waves of nostalgia for my own college days. All these years later, I still fall victim to the Spring Fever that hits hard this close to the end of the semester. But this time, I'm not lugging a backpack crammed with heavy textbooks. I'm not stressing over a paper that's due tomorrow. I don't have to sign up for extra study sessions for a test later in the week. Instead, I get to saunter off to class, maybe stopping to admire the cherry blossoms on the way, and then interpret while the professor sternly preaches "hard work" and "not slacking off". Ah, this is one of those rare times it's actually good to be the Adult!

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