Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nine years ago today...

(cue slow, booming, swelling music) my life changed forever! Okay, that's quite enough melodrama. Just the facts, then: it was a sunny Saturday morning, and I woke up in a leisurely fashion, rolling over and stretching at about 8:30 (it sounds like a beautiful fantasy...those were the days!). My first child was due in 3 weeks, and Husband and I planned a trip to the "Baby Stuff Out the Wazoo" store to buy the all-important carseat. I immediately headed to the bathroom, that sacred refuge of all pregnant women; although I don't make it a habit to report the morning results, on this day I had to peek out and call, "Um, honey? I think we have a situation..." Yep, water breakage, 3 weeks early. (My son already demonstrated his mother's innate IMPATIENCE!) It was April 15th, and a very long day; I'll skip the nitty-gritty details, but suffice it to say the key words were: pain, and Pitocin! In the evening, I was finally saved by the Orioles game on TV, which gave me something to focus on....Cal Ripken steps in (deep breath), he swings (exhale), a rocket to center (grit teeth), it's a double (squeeze Husband's hand until it crunches), congratulations to Cal Ripken on his 3000th hit (scream like a fan in childbirth)! Yes, thanks to Cal for providing me with that much-needed distraction. Happily, Baby waited until 2 a.m. to make an appearance, sparing him from forever celebrating his birthday by paying his Uncle Sam. Oh, and Husband took a nap...then went to get the carseat so we could actually bring the baby home with us! So Happy 9th Birthday to my "baby", on this sunny April 16th!

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