Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is why you skip commercials...

I have a secret to confess, something that may cause other mothers, in their shock and disgust, to brand me a Bad Mommy. Here goes: my children have been allowed to watch TV practically since they were born. It started when they were a captive audience in the bouncy seat, and frazzled, exhausted Mommy needed a break. All I can say is God Bless the woman who thought up the Baby Einstein videos. Art and music for baby! Nap for Mommy! We progressed to Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr., where each of my toddlers learned to count in Spanish with Dora, figure out what the heck Blue wanted to tell clueless Steve, and sing (@#%$) Wiggles tunes. Lesson for pre-schooler! Half-hour of peace and quiet for Mommy! Now, my husband and I have always monitored the amount of time they spend in front of the screen, and we figured we were totally safe with the content shown by Uncle Walt and our buddy Nick. Then my 9-year old discovered that they televise SPORTS. But it's still okay; we watch together, and discuss the rules, and strategy, and sportsmanship. Hey, this is practically educational too! We pat ourselves on the back for good parenting! Then one Saturday afternoon my 5-year old plops down in the kitchen with a juice box. He pops it open, takes a long pull out of the straw, sighs contentedly, and declares that it has..."drinkability." No more beer ads for you, from not on, it's all Sesame Street, all the time!

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